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We believe that real joy and good results comes from hard work, and there´s no substitute for hard work - It´s always up to you


Too many people gets on the rowing machine without actually knowing what to do - so they follow their instinct:

Pulling, bending, grinning and pushing in all directions at max effort

Our goal is to direct your instinct into the right symphony of flow, clean power and rythm to increase your efficency



*This page is still under construction - completion set to early Feb 2018.

Got any questions? Don´t hesitate to send us an email at post@rokurs.no.*

Our vision & Philosophy


We believe that rowing is the fastest and most efficient way to fitness and a better body.


Our goal is to increase your efficiency and speed on any rowing machine through sharing our combined knowledge of rowing.

Latest News


30. Jan 2018 Oslo

Rokurs.no will be present on God Morgen Norge Thursday 1. Feb morning.


21. jan 2018 Tromsø

Kjetil held a motivational speech on behalf of The Dale Oen Experience at the Arctic Frontiers Conference 2018 in Tromsø.





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